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We get asked about our studio a lot, which is okay because that’s one of our favorite subjects. While we love technology, some things are just better the way we used to do them. Our facility is a blend of the best from both worlds. We chose to use real broadcast studio equipment in our shop instead of using cheaper, live band equipment. Band equipment is great… If you’re a band, but for broadcasting? Not so much. So here’s our stuff:

Mixing Console: Audioarts Engineering R60
Mic Chain: RODE NTK Tube mic, DBX 286S, Presonus Eureka
Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire Pro40 multi channel Firewire interface
Monitors: KRK ST6 passive monitors with an Alesis studio amplifier
Processing: Orban Digital Optimod 6200DAB in “Studio Chassis” mode
Phone Patch Interface: Gentner Xap TH2 Digital Hybrid
Software: SawStudio 5.1, Adobe Audition 3.0
DAW Control Surfaces: Frontier Alphatrack for Adobe, iPad with AC-7 HD for SawStudio
Broadband: Charter Business Class 100M with AT&T 4G LTE backup